Doc Lane & Loose Change

Dec 2016

Doc Lane & Loose Change, Is a Bergen County New Jersey based trio, with a fascination for the music they use to fortify the local scene. Feature, lead guitarist and singer Danny Lane ( AKA Doc Lane ) Drummer Wes Jensen, and bassist Alvin Harrison, are no strangers to the passion for discipline and the creative will in expressing their art. with the combine three, they celebrate a unique experience of demonstrating a freedom within the structure of their favorite classic musical styles, and selections all while blending a layer of Grateful Dead influential overtones, which is the core of their sound. But there is a spontaneous excitement about the bands mixed of subtleties and dynamics which is refreshing to the ear. Doc Lane & Loose Change embraces the challenge of those that expect more from his or her local artists. Here is where words don’t do justice to describe their musical demonstration. This is a garment you have to wear to get it. It’s Jazz, Country,Funk, RNB, Blues,reggae, with additional bold and eclectic choice of music selections design for stirring an audience.