Mojo Deluxe

Nov 2016

Pablo’s Mojo Deluxe! Aaaaahh, Thanksgiving…… Them belly full and them definiely NOT hungry, but ALL of them need to work off the feast by boogieing all night to MOJO DELUXE – so tasty. so funky, so fresh….mmm. Is there no end to the goodness?!!!
So, like we say – put on your b-b-b-boogie shoes, suck in yer gut and squeeze into your holiday finery – DeLuxe is putting on a show! And tell yo’ mama you gonna be out ALL night!!!!!
Bob Sushko – making you wish you had his fingers
Billy Cristiani – making you wish you had is hair
John Andolino – bringing his finest hat
Pablo Schor – just lovin’ life
Juan Pertuz – percussion