Touch of Grey

Dec 2016

Touch of Grey – is a Grateful Dead Tribute band founded in October 2014 by Bob. Bob was looking for relaxation by making music. With the help of the Internet a jam club that comprised of folks with similar musical interests was formed. Several months later a band took form from the group of dedicated musicians whose passion for the music of the Grateful Dead was so strong the band Touch of Grey was cast.
The band covers Grateful Dead and the music of Jerry Garcia Band. Both the Bands played original songs they wrote and songs of other musicians including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Beatles, Smokey Robinson to name a few.
Eric Cohen-Lead Guitar & Vocals
Bob Korec- Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Mike Malinowski – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Chris Shelley – keys / Piano, Harp & Vocals. Kenny Straub – Drums & Vocals